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Forums - Sony Discussion - Rumor- PS5 Reveal Happening April-June (Before E3) 2019.

Such an obvious fake “leak”. Whenever I see specs and gta6 mentioned, I dismiss it immediately.

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Can't believe sony will show something before most of the remaining big Games are released

I say fake, if that is really case, than there is no reason that Sony skips E3,
most logical would be reveal before E3 and than strong presence with PS5 on E3 also.
Other option that is more likely, is skipping E3 and reveal after E3.

HollyGamer said:
jason1637 said:

The person that released this info is also claiming that this is the devkit.

Jason from Kotaku already debunk that , it's a fake controller and fake Devkit.

also new leak actually from pastebin

And it seems it will be announced in 2020 not 2019 , because logically also this year Sony will not attend E3, Sony said they will attend E3 but not these year. So E3 still very important and that will be on 2020. 

Another leak however pointed that the rumored APU for the PS5/Scarlet named Gonzalo is already past the Engineering Sample stage and already a Qualification Sample, the final step before mass production. This would point at a release during Christmas rather than next year:

What's known of this chip are the physical core count (8 physical cores, but not if there's any hyperthreading active), the stepping of the chip (B2), that it's definitely a qualification sample and probably for consoles.

There's a bit of a discussion about the clock speeds, though. The turbo of 3.2Ghz is set, but the base clock may be either 1Ghz or 1.6Ghz, with tendency to the latter, as that would give the GPU a clock speed of 1Ghz base and 1.8Ghz turbo.

The GPU is a Navi 10 lite, but what that exactly means is still everyone's guess. At least with this leak it seems that Navi can more easily be clocked higher than Vega did, but that's all we know yet.

As for the CPU, it's unknown what version of Zen it is. It could be Zen, Zen+, Zen 2 or halfway between the 2 latter ones. Though due to timing, Zen 2 seems the most probable. But in any case, it will have twice the clock speed and at least twice the IPC (and probably closer to thrice) as the Jaguars in the current gen, making for a huge leap in CPU performance.

This has all BEEN confirmed fake.

Never forget we got lots of deewbs out there that ain't got shit to do other than sit around and make up garbage like this.

Suggest we make 1 big “next gen rumor” thread and keep all these topics there.

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BasilZero said:
The main thing I want to know is if there is b/c with PS4 games on the PS5.

Don't worry, Sony will find a way to make BC not happen.

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Please add a note to your second post that the controller is a fake:

Also, if it is the same person that released the info you have in your opening post, then add this info to your opening post as well please. :)

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What ugly mofo.

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ThatDreamcastTho said:
They need to announce the PS5 already. It's taking them way too long. It usually takes a couple years for the games library to be any good after launch so they better get the ball rolling.

Its does not work the way you describe it,games can be made before a console launches and if it takes an extra year to launch it also can mean that we get an higher amount of launchgames or games in the first few years.

Why do people waste their time doing this?