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Forums - General Discussion - I F'd up at work badly today.


Did I soil it?

Yes 1 9.09%
YES 10 90.91%

So a customer came into Mac Donalds today and order a medium soda, but I gave him a large. I GAVE HIM A LARGE. I SOILED THE GOOD NAME OF MAC DONALDS!!!!!!!!




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I'm skeptical. You'd think an employee of McDonald's would at least know how to spell McDonald's. So therefore, I doubt the legitimacy of your story!

Did the guy actually complain for getting more? If not how did the the manager find out?

Look, your day at Mcdonald's could have been worse.

- "If you have the heart of a true winner, you can always get more pissed off than some other asshole."

You brought dishonour to the name of the clown!

That's nothing, someone asked for a napkin and I handed them two. TWO!

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I mean, they cost the same amount, no harm done.

Now if you burnt his McFlurry then maybe you'd have a problem.

The only thing ever soiled is the good name of the best dog a boy could ever have...and that's a terribly sad thing.

AngryLittleAlchemist said:


If no one's noticed, you're all good 

If you require alcohol to have fun, then you have a problem