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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best looking video game of the 20th century

COKTOE said:
Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast

COKTOE wins  

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Soulcalibur on DreamCast was really impressive, best Graphics of the 20th century for me.

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LoD had the most beautiful CGs ever, so that's it.

Links LS 2000 (released in September 1999) also was quite pretty and had detailed fauna and character models:

This is the first one that comes to mind.

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Dragon's Lair.

Best looking is pretty subjective. Personally, I still think DKC2 looks amazing today. It's aged better than any of the other examples presented here, aside from the other sprite based examples maybe. In terms of 3D graphics, probably Soul Calibur on Dreamcast for character models and Unreal Tournament for environments.

Probably a Neo Geo game, or a 2D PS1 title. Early 3D has nothing on perfected 2D spritework.

Outcast , open world with raycasting and polygon engine, dof reflective rippling , translucent water, particle effects and everyone's favourite bloom and lens flare.

there was a claymation game who's name I can't recall the  gameplay wasn't great but it looked good, also the already mentioned soul calibur and Shenmue.

Edit. forgot MDK .

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