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Forums - Gaming Discussion - 'Sonic the Hedgehog' Movie Will Reportedly Have A Video Game Tie-in(Confirmed: April Fools)

Sonic 06 remaster.


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April fool's? Or is this confirmed?

Cool. Won't be buying.

Dulfite said:
April fool's? Or is this confirmed? updated the thread and said they heard back from SonicHQ and it is indeed an april fools joke 

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The only situation I can think of where a movie based on an existing videogame property has a tie-in game that ended up being better than the movie (and actually being a great game in its own right) was Ratchet & Clank 2016. So it would be interesting if this was a situation like that, or maybe if the movie ended up good as well.

edit: oh it's an april fools joke lmao, nvm.

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Got a few people there,lol, but man ... would this have been a bad idea from the start xP

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PwerlvlAmy said:
I'm convinced they're actively trying to kill the franchise

I think the Sonic franchise is actually scientific study on how resilient the fanbase is.

There are many games in this franchise that are broken or just painfully mediocre. Yet the fanbase is never gives up on this IP, unshaken and resolute. Always ravenous for the next game regardless how low Sega pushes expectations.

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Wouldn't be shocked if this ended up being real actually

Nothing to see here, move along

you know, for the kids!.

Please don't be this stupid Sega. Don't go down the horrible and dead movie ti in route. There's a reason we've let it die.

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