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Most Anticipated New Release of April

Anno 1800 45 3.39%
BoxBoy & BoxGirl 40 3.01%
Dauntless 6 0.45%
Days Gone 588 44.24%
Imperator: Rome 20 1.50%
Labo Toy-con 04: VR Kit 127 9.56%
Mortal Kombat 11 237 17.83%
Super Meat Boy Forever 23 1.73%
Zanki Zero: Last Beginning 15 1.13%
Nothing This Month 228 17.16%

Mortal Kombat 11, hoping it's good.

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Days gone .
Already preordered.

Days Gone.

Really interested to see how Bend Studio turning out. I've enjoyed their previous portable Uncharted and Resistance game along with the few Siphon Filter games I played.

No anticipation for anything. Only somewhat interested in BoxBoy & BoxGirl, but the eShop page still doesn't list a price.

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Considering how likely Ubisoft is to lock Anno behind EGS, and with Dauntless locked behind EGS already, I've very little interest in the entirety of April. Amazing what some "competition" will do to one's interest. 

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Anno easily.

MK 11 has 30 fighters but 7 of them are locked behind DLC. So roughtly a quarter of the game is locked behind a paywall. I really wish fighting games would stop trying to get $90 out of every purchase. 2D fighting games are easier to make than most other game genres, but they keep asking for more money.

I didn't see DB FighterZ lock a quarter of their roster behind DLC that was delayed by a month or two.

So I guess my vote goes for Days Gone.

I'll buy Days Gone but i'm more excited for Joker in Smash this month.

BoxBoy and BoxGirl, more HAL games is always good

Cuphead on Switch, but I'm waiting for the physical release.

I'll probably pick up BoxBoy and BoxGirl too.