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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best boss fights of this gen

I agree, Ludwig took my breathe away. Havent felt anything like it from any other game. That mid fight transformation was EPIC.

That video you showed didnt do the fight any justice, the guy was obviously over-leveled and simply overpowered the boss. Go watch some videos of "first timers" fighting him.

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Void Termina/Astral Birth Void from Kirby Star Allies. (I'll never shut up about the game at this rate). Probably my favorite boss fight ever.

The build up of the ultimate battle for Kirby, a god of destruction, a destroyer of worlds, the swapping sequences of shoot em up and platforming and the origin and ties to the lore of the series, the final reward for the hardest difficulty of the true arena.

All backed up with a beautiful symphony, fittingly titled for Kirby's finest moment.

Is tough, is emotional and just an absolute spectacle to play through.




Nioh has by far the best boss fights.
Nothing comes close.

For me it's between:

Baldur in GOW

Ludwig in Bloodborne

Yamata No Orichi in Nioh

Final Boss in Devil May Cry V (not mentioning it due to spoilers for those who plan to play it)

I have problems deciding which Bloodborne-bosses were the best

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The Super Mario Odyssey bosses!! :D

DJ Octavio in Splatoon 1 for moi.

He's already a fun boss for the first phase of the fight, but that second phase, when the Squid Sisters music kicks in and you blast and dodge your way through a hail of missiles and kick his arse to that glorious tune, holy crap it's borderline orgasmic.

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The first Baldur fight from god of war. It was just so cool and surprising and crazy and intense and satisfying.
The balder fights in bayonetta 2 are great, particularly the one where the summon are fighting as well in the background.
Mollusque from Mario odyssey, i love the way this fight uses the entire map, chasing him down was just a lot of fun.
Doc ock in spider man.

Persona 5 boss fight against Shido simply because of the fighting music

Wonder if Sekiro will be heavily mentioned in this list soon. Quite a few soulsborne mentions here.