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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Which fighting game you'd mostly prefer to get ported to Switch?


Which would you prefer

Street fighter 6 2 6.06%
Dead or Alive 6 2 6.06%
Tekken 7 4 12.12%
Guilty Gear Rev 2 1 3.03%
Injustice 2 4 12.12%
Killer Instinct 2 6.06%
Soul Calibur 6 8 24.24%
Virtua Fighter 6 1 3.03%
Marvel vs Capcom 5 15.15%
Other 4 12.12%

I like Mortal Kombat and Tekken, soo...

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I would love to see Soul Calibur 6, Street Fighter 6, Marvel vs. Capcom, Tekken 7, and Guilty Gear come to Switch.

- Soul Calibur 6: One of my favorite fighting game series. Heard 6 is good, but not sure if UE4 is that complicated enough for SC6 to transition from PS4/Xbone to Switch.
- Street Fighter 6: Not sure when the next installment will come out since 5 is still relevant in the competitive scene, despite the rather disappointing initial sales. Street Fighter V is pretty good (even if the netcode and the overall content, especially the free story mode, left a lot to be desired until Arcade Edition).
- Marvel vs. Capcom: While Infinite was a disappointing bust, 3 Ultimate is still pretty good and I don't see a problem of porting it to Switch. It will be interesting to see where MvC goes from here as Infinite left a lot to be desired and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, while a completely different fighting game, stole its thunder in the "ultimate crossover" aspect of the game.
- Tekken 7: Tekken 7 uses UE4. But like SC6, I wonder how complicated would it be to transition from PS4/Xbone to Switch, even though Switch has the latest version of UE4.
- Guilty Gear: Have not really played much of the games, but heard great things about GG and saw really cool gameplay in various tournaments.

Tekken, for sure. It's my favorite fighting game franchise outside of Smash... maybe even the only one I actually like.

A new Persona Arena game would be welcome. Especially if the take characters across all the mainline games and not just one.

Ultra Street Fighter 4, it is my favourite fighting game of all times which I've now bought about 10 different times on different platforms and I would happily pick it up again on the Switch and it would be a game which finally got me to buy the online pass thing as I currently don't need it for the games I play online and the majority of my Switch games keep me more than happy with single player content.

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I'd say Marvel VS Capcom, 'cause I am a great fan of the serie since its release on PS1

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