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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Which fighting game you'd mostly prefer to get ported to Switch?


Which would you prefer

Street fighter 6 2 6.06%
Dead or Alive 6 2 6.06%
Tekken 7 4 12.12%
Guilty Gear Rev 2 1 3.03%
Injustice 2 4 12.12%
Killer Instinct 2 6.06%
Soul Calibur 6 8 24.24%
Virtua Fighter 6 1 3.03%
Marvel vs Capcom 5 15.15%
Other 4 12.12%

Which fighting game would you prefer over the others? that hasn't been announced to switch but hope to really play it . You can only pick 1


-Street fighter 6

-Dead or Alive 6

-Tekken 7

-Guilty Gear xrd Rev 2

-Injustice 2

-Killer instinct(could happen Microsoft getting closer to Nintendo)

-Soul Calibur 6

-The King of Fighters 14

- Virtua Fighter 6

-Marvel vs Capcom infinite/3/4

-Night Under Birth


Nintendo has these confirmed below

-Samurai showdown

-Mortal Kombat 11

-Blade strangers

-Snk heroines

-Skull girls 2nd Encore

-Blazblue cross tag battle 

-Dragon ball Fighters Z


Here are dead game franchisesthat'll never happen


-Bloody roar 

-Rival schools

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They could totally make another Darkstalkers and/or Rival Schools. I wouldn't say their "dead". Likelihood is another matter. Anyway I voted Tekken 7. I liked how Harada supported the Wii U with Tekken and Nintendo themed costumes and such. I wouldn't mind seeing most fighting games going to Switch. If it goes to PS4/Xbox One, why not the Switch?!

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From the ones on the list, Injustice 2. Played the first one on the Wii U, would like to continue the story. Tekken 7 would also continue the Wii U line as I played Tekken Tag Tournament Two there and the Nintendo costumes were fun (though I made my mains mostly Super Sentais)

Speaking of stories and fighting games, MK 9 and X please.

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Dragonball FighterZ is currently my fav fighting game, and it is already on Switch. So I would have to give my vote to Soul Caliber featuring BotW Link as a guest character.

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Nothing from that list, but I'd like to see Tom & Jerry: Fists of Furry on Switch

Street Fighter 6, if it's good and a complete game on release.

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I was never a huge fighting game fan. Before Smash Bros, the only fighting games I played had Marvel characters like Marvel vs Capcom.

Persona 5 Arena

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