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Most Anticipated New Release of March

Dead or Alive 6 70 3.88%
Devil May Cry 5 344 19.07%
One Piece: World Seeker 33 1.83%
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 471 26.11%
The Sinking City 20 1.11%
ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove 42 2.33%
Tom Clancy's The Division 2 95 5.27%
Tropico 6 49 2.72%
Yoshi's Crafted World 436 24.17%
Nothing This Month 244 13.53%

Others, FF VII since I missed the original one, with Yoshi a distant second

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Paatar said:
How bout other?

The only one I’m honestly looking forward to is the Caligula Effect remaster for the Switch.


You know it deserves the GOTY.

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March seems like the MONTH OF SALVATION after Anthem and Crackdown fiasco. DMC an SAKIRO will be awsome, but more interesting is The Division 2. Will the Division 2 save GAAS future? 

animegaming said:

Just DMC and Sekiro (and the Trails of Cold Steel 1 PS4 port if Xseed it actually does release it in March) for me, I might get Yoshi later on in the year though, but not really


Ganoncrotch said:

Huh? in one of the games there is a tax evader? I'm not sure I follow.

How strange, never heard of it, funny that it turns up in Fortune street lol, Nintendo really has moved forward when it comes to accepting the internet and memes, I still chuckle during the intro to smash ultimate when I see Fox, all alone on final destination with no items.

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Might get Yoshi at some point. Might also get nothing. I do have a tiny interest in Sekiro, but I am skeptical. I love Dark Souls a lot, but did not like Bloodborne. I am afraid this game is going to play like Bloodborne.

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Nothing in March looks tempting.

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DM5 is the only one for me that looks remotely interesting.

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Oh my goodness. This might be the first time ever I vote for Nothing. Hey, nothing won last month. VGC! We love video games. But more than that, NOTHING.

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Outward...seems like just my type of AA game..

DMC5, though I doubt I'll buy it at launch.