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Forums - Website Topics - How do you change your email id?



I have been trying to change my email id on this site but i can't find any place where i can change it,i have searched all the settings.



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If by 'email id' you mean simply 'email', I don't think there is a way. I've been wanting for such a feature for a good while now and I've brought the issue up in the past, but currently, I don't think it's just possible.

Making another account

There currently is no way to change your email, because it's not as simple as just opening up a field in your profile and allowing you to change it. I would need to build functionality to re-validate that the email address provided is actually good (similar to what happens, when you register on the site for the first time) - otherwise, it defeats the purpose of trying to control spam and whatnot... ...and frankly, there are so many other things around here that need to be fixed, this has been kept on a SUPER-LOW priority.