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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Piranha Plant is now playable in SSBU

Ultrashroomz said:
Does anyone know if Plant is confirmed to be a girl? (the Palutena Guidance where Palutena says "she" is referring to Viridi).

Anyways, Plant's pretty fun, now give me my Shujin Academy delinquent!

I saw that shortly after posting. I suppose Piranha Plant is a girl then, although dont forget it is a plant, and doesnt have proper genders like a person would.

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the best confirmed DLC character so far, nice.

Is kinda majestic just seeing a potted plant running around.

Ultrashroomz said:

just fyi

By the way, it seems this also happens with a few others characters, and I've seen people mentioning All-Star rather than Century Smash. Basically Mob Smash as a whole is broken now, just don't play it (you would think that's would people normally did ).


Plant is fantastic so far, she feels so good to play. I'm working on getting my spike timing right with her, but she has so many tools to play with!

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Guess ill update it tonight to try this out.

It's girl? I always thought it was a guy

A plant has technically both reproductive organs, it's a "it".

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PAOerfulone said:

Later in the year.

mZuzek said:
Cerebralbore101 said:
Along with Piranha Plant we also get a bunch of nerfs and buffs.

Mostly buffs, but honestly most of them were rather irrelevant. i don't see the meta changing much if at all, only significant change I think was Rosalina & Luma, she seems to have been buffed quite a bit. Everyone else, nah.

I'm glad they aren't messing with it too much. I've been loving the variety of characters seen in tournaments so far and most character feel viable to a certain extent.

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