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Forums - Website Topics - Game Tagging Has Been Fixed

Tagged games:

Talon has fixed the old ability to tag games to threads, so this should work again for everyone now!

It's been broken for a very, very long time, so many of you probably won't know how it works:

Basically, when creating a new thread, if it relates to a specific title or several titles, you can link those games to the thread, using the 'Add Game' box at the bottom of the thread submission form.

Doing this ensures the games show up at the top of the thread (so for this thread I added the fake ioi and ioi 2 games, for illustration purposes), so that users can easily click through to the game pages. It also ensures the thread you created shows up on those individual game pages in the database, under the 'Forum' tab (e.g. ).

Talon also made it retroactive, so all of the old tagged threads show up on the game pages, from back when the feature was first introduced.

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Very very nice! Looking at the front page, the threads are getting redder by the day


Neat! I went and properly tagged probably all of the few threads I've ever created. It turns out that quite a few of them were already properly tagged but now the rest are too. Not that me tagging old threads matters, but the feature definitely got some use again right away!

Thanks talon, this was always a great feature for the site. Awesome that its connected to a forum tab on the game pages.


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I fixed your thread - if you're gonna tag games, might as well tag the best...

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TalonMan said:
I fixed your thread - if you're gonna tag games, might as well tag the best...

I didn't even know that one existed ^^