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For those who haven't played Black Mesa made by Crowbar Collective, this is a Remake of the 1998 Half Life. They did a wonderful job in recreating the game and for any Half Life fan, I highly recommend playing it. The game is sold on Steam for less than half a full price game ($30aus) and the game released back in 2012. Black Mesa was only half the game though.. however in November last year, a trailer was shown off named Black Mesa - Xen. This is the other part of the game not yet released. 

This game is one of my favourite remakes and I am looking forward to playing the 2nd half of the game that is due to release mid this year. Crowbar Collective is also rumoured to be making an unofficial Episode 3 game that will continue from the official Half Life 2 game. Hope its all true. For those who haven't seen the trailer, enjoy it below.

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I've seen some people really doubt whether it's actually ever coming out, but it sort of does look like a 2019 release. That said, knowing its history, make it 2020 anyway. Anyway, if this schedule is at all realistic, it'll have been in development for 15 years from start to finish. That's quite something, eh?

Anyway, I'm definitely looking forward to it. I played the mod when it was released, but I haven't been actively hyped or anything in a long time. After a few years of development, it was easy enough to see it's going to take its time. Little did I know how long it would take though...

I bought this super cheap during a Steam sale a couple of years ago (

I've been waiting for them to finish it before I do a run through.
Super excited for a reason to play HL again, and this time it'll look and feel even better.
One of the greatest games ever made, remade by passionate fans who can actually execute on their ideas.
What more could you ask for, besides a timely release.