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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo still has not listed more NES games for the Switch for 2019

Nintendo's paid online service seems to be one of their most controversial moves at least since the Wii U days, but throughout all the hate, their stance has been clear. The NES app for the Switch would start with 20 games and continually add a handful of games every month. But if you check Nintendo's official website, you will notice that they have not listed which games will be available in January yet. Instead, they just have a message reading "More titles coming in 2019 - We'll update this schedule with games for 2019 once they've been selected"

So what could this really mean? Obviously they have to have the games selected by now, considering they are expected to drop at the beginning of January, so why haven't they been announced yet? Are they saving it for an early-year Direct? Are they planning to announce the start of SNES games as well? Or could they simply throw up a list tomorrow of all the currently planned 2019 games? 

It's anyone's guess, but I just wondering if anyone else had been paying enough attention to notice this.

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0 games? Ok, so slightly down from what will probably come...

Unless they come out during an early January Nintendo Direct like : "Hey, we actually have also selected a bunch of games for the SNES librairy" then yeah, a bit worrying.

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It'll most likely be at an early January direct with a "these games are available now" type of thing.

time to give some SNES and N64 games instead?

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Just bring back Virtual Console, they'd make more money on that.

NightlyPoe said:

Do they normally announce the games a month in advance?  I don't really pay much attention to the service.

The service launched in September, and when it did all of the games for October, November, and December were revealed as well. Other than that, they have not said anything else.

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Just bring back Virtual Console, they'd make more money on that.

They wouldnt. Games like Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda would sell for sure, but 90% of all other VC titles they released barely sold at all, hence why they made it a part of the subscription service. They will make a lot more money this way

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I don't see a big deal. They'll probably announce the games when they are about to release them. Hopefully they add SNES and N64 this year. It'd be very disappointing if they stuck with NES games.

We will probably be getting them shadow dropped during a direct that could happen as late as next week.