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Nintendo's paid online service seems to be one of their most controversial moves at least since the Wii U days, but throughout all the hate, their stance has been clear. The NES app for the Switch would start with 20 games and continually add a handful of games every month. But if you check Nintendo's official website, you will notice that they have not listed which games will be available in January yet. Instead, they just have a message reading "More titles coming in 2019 - We'll update this schedule with games for 2019 once they've been selected"

So what could this really mean? Obviously they have to have the games selected by now, considering they are expected to drop at the beginning of January, so why haven't they been announced yet? Are they saving it for an early-year Direct? Are they planning to announce the start of SNES games as well? Or could they simply throw up a list tomorrow of all the currently planned 2019 games? 

It's anyone's guess, but I just wondering if anyone else had been paying enough attention to notice this.