Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Would you like to see a Nintendo character in MK11 and an MK character in SSBU?

MK is not MK without their fatalities, and so would be out of place in Smash.

I don't want to see any Nintendo character fatalatized either and I doubt many companies would want their mascots/brands being fatalatized as well, so disregard Nintendo, I don't see many companies wanting their characters in MK period.

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Yes, I want a Nintendo character in Mario Kart 11 and a Mario Kart character in Smash Bros Ultimate.

OT: Wouldn't mind Scorpion to be in Smash Ultimate though and I'm bored with Mortal Kombat right now so no idea what Nintendo characters I'd want to be in it.


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Oneeee-Chan!!! said:

Right!?  Bowser being beheaded...yikes.

DialgaMarine said:
Pretty pointless question. I somehow doubt Nintendo would ever let any of their mascots in a game where they’ll quite literally get ripped to shreds and have all sorts of violent actions used on them. Only possibility would be Bayonetta, but even she wouldn’t really fit in.

I don’t see how it is pointless, especially considering that some people entertain both ideas as being interesting. Everyone’s different though.

super_etecoon said:
Loneken said:
Mortal Kombat characters in other game? Yes...but only in Killer Instinct.

Yeah...this is the only crossover I would think would work.  They're almost from the same universe.  I don't think any of the characters in Smash would like to know about fatalities and people getting their hearts removed from their bodies while they're still breathing.  

That would be a cool one.

S.Peelman said:
They can put Kirby in MK. Smash Ultimate prooved Kirby is the most powerful video game character ever. No need for fatalities because no-one will beat Kirby anyway.

Haha, good point!

ARamdomGamer said:

I don't really see Nintendo adding one of their characters to MK, maybe costumes at most but not characters, kind of like Tekken Tag 2 on Wii U.

MK in Smash? I would be cool with it, the series is pretty iconic and it has presence in Nintendo. Deserves it a ton more than Persona for sure.

Perhaps a Ganondorf armor set for Shao Kahn.

SuperRetroTurbo said:
Sure, any crossover would spark interest but this one comes down to one aspect for me and it isn't violence. Gameplay. Nintendo takes it extremely serious while the guys over at Neatherealm care more about graphics.
I was once a strong MK supporter. I grew up playing UMK3 and in the arcades. Trilogy, although ran on the same engine, was the mark of that franchises downfall.
I was just saying how MK is easily one of the worst examples to make the 2D to 3D transition. Mario? Arguably the best.
Now if a kombatant made his or her way into Smash, the whole nature changes. Nintendo, imo, would most likely show NR how it's done with smooth animation that actually makes sense.
MK needs to reinvent itself in a more fluid and polished animate before even considering making guest appearances.
Especially in a game produced by the masters.

Hopefully MK11 turns out solid.

epicurean said:
I almost never like cross over characters because it just doesn't make sense. Geralt in the new Soul Calibur is the one exception, because I bought the ridiculous explanation of it.

I thought that Link was really well done back in SC2.

KLXVER said:
I would love a MK character in Smash. Not the other way around. Don't feel the need to see Nintendo characters get ripped apart.

Who would be your top choice?

ResilientFighter said:
Scorpion and sub zero in smash
Bayonetta and Mythra or Pyra in MK11

Cool picks.

PaulGaleNetwork said: 
KLXVER said:
I would love a MK character in Smash. Not the other way around. Don't feel the need to see Nintendo characters get ripped apart.

Who would be your top choice?

Probably Sub-Zero or Scorpion. They seem to be the face of the franchise now. Also with one of them in their original suit, they can just have color schemes so you can be Reptile, Rain, Ermac, Noob Saibot, Smoke etc.

At first, I thought no, but then, thinking about it, I think it could work. They'd have to have the Smash MK character draw out sweat instead of blood, in an homage to the original SNES controversy. Sub-Zero would be the obvious choice since he's iconic enough and could have a fatality where he just froze people and shattered them, a fitting fatality to represent the series while not involving blood and gore. For the Nintendo character in MK, they couldn't do any of the characters that were even remotely cute, good, or wholesome, but some villains could work. Even Bowser would be too wholesome for MK though, and I don't even think Nintendo would be fine with Ganondorf getting his spine ripped out. Ridley, on the other hand? Just imagine his skewering tail from the Smash reveal trailer on Mario, except uncensored, and against an MK character. Really, Ridley's the only Nintendo character brutal enough that I could see him fighting in MK, and since he's a monster no one would care if he were chopped to bits or gored. He'd have alien blood too probably, so Nintendo could even avoid that issue. He's had an exposed heart in the Prime games, and it was orange, so case in point, he's a fairly brutal character and a good fit for the series as far as Nintendo characters go, while also having likely orange blood so Nintendo can avoid any more gorey an association with the character than necessary. It could be a way for Nintendo to court a hardcore audience they don't normally reach to try out a critically acclaimed but underselling franchise that might appeal to them. Prime 4 deserves all the spotlight it can get.

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Not quite Nintendo, but I would fully support putting Sonic in MK just for the opportunity to rip his spine out.

No way. Have you seen the trailer?

A mario character does not have enough body parts to last 1 round let alone three



No, it would be terrible.

There are better characters to add in MK than a Nintendo character and better characters to add to Smash bros than a MK character.


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Not really

But I don't have any history with the MK series so it doesn't really affect me :p

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I think Kirby is strongest in current smash . He isn't stronger than The one above all (stan Lee) in marvel Ultimate alliance 3 or DC characters like The presence I think Superman from Superman 64 beats kirby or other way around but no one beats presence and TOAA or other characters not in current smash :D

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