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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - For Smash Ultimate DLC, which of these reps do you think is most likely?

Shiken said:
mZuzek said:
Capcom: Dante
Square: Sora
Namco: Heihachi
Nintendo: FE Three Houses rep

But really, how likely was Joker in the first place?

Unless this segways into a P5 release in 2019 for Switch, literally ANYONE is on the table at this point.

I'm pretty sure it segways into a P5 release, and I'm also hoping it does because my god do I want to play that game. Still, it does make it clear that Nintendo will get whoever they want, and outside of characters heavily associated with Sony or Microsoft, they could want literally anyone, yes.

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I could see Slime and Sora being added. Dragon Quest is insanely popular in Japan and Slime is the face of that series. Plus it would be hilarious too see what moveset he would have. Kingdom Hearts III is also coming out soon and that series has cemented itself pretty hard in gaming history. other than that I would say Dante has a chance, but no other characters seem that likely.

And if any Nintendo rep got in it would be Rex. Sakurai has made it vocal that he wanted Rex in the game but the timing just wasnt right. otherwise, Nintendo has control over the DLC packs and Reggie said theyre looking to add characters that nobody would expect to get in. So that outs pretty much anything Nintendo

Capcom: Phoenix Wright or Amaterasu
Square Enix: Slime/Geno
Bandai Namco: None.
Nintendo: Edelgard

Capcom: Dante
Square Enix: Erdrick
Bandai Namco: Lloyd Irving
Nintendo: Fire Emblem 3 Houses Rep

Yes, I forgot Rex and Pheonix Wright as well as Geno. Also I'm changing Breath of the Wild rep to Zelda rep to be more open ended.

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Capcom: Leon Kennedy
Square Enix: Geno
Bandai Namco: Dark Souls Rep
Nintendo: FE Rep

So, I had initially predicted Sora would be a top contender, but I found out Disney has the rights. That makes him far less likely.

The Prince from Katamari would be a good Bandai Namco rep.

TheTitaniumNub_ said:
The Prince from Katamari would be a good Bandai Namco rep.

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Whichever franchise Nintendo wants to market

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