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Gris, Hollow Knight, Celeste, Stardew Valley, Night In The Woods. The Banner Saga Trilogy. All stand out games on the Switch imo.

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Well, the obvious recommendation is Zelda BOTW, this game is great.

After that it depends strongly on your preferences.

turn-based RPGs: Octopath Traveler, Child of Light
action RPGs: Xenoblade 2 and Torna
strategy: Civilization VI and Mario+Rabbids
???: Katamari Damacy Reroll

Whatever you decide, bot Octopath Traveler and Katamari have demos, you should try at least these demos.

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Hollow Knight.

Except BoTW is better than all those games.....

Mario, Celeste, Splatoon, Mario + Rabbids, Axiom Verge, Golf Story, Zelda, Hollow Knight... and a bunch more, but these are the games I love so far

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 + Golf Story + Mario and rabbids kingdom battle.
Octopath Traveler might be worth a buy too.

Mario Odyssey + BoTW are also must buys I feel like, if you own a switch (if you didnt play BoTW on the wiiU).

Yeah .... should've added Mario + Rabbids : Kingdom Battle to my recommendations

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Check Mario Tennis Aces (far better than Ultra Smash on Wii U), Splatoon 2 (if you liked Splatoon on Wii U), Puyo Puyo Tetris (best puzzle game with great adventure and online mode), Octopath Traveler (if you like traditional 2D RPGs), Fast RMX (future racer), Pinball FX3, ARMS (if you like motion control), Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, Pokémon Let's Go and of course Zelda Breath of the Wild.