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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS4 now "well over" 6m units sold through in the UK

Intrinsic said:
Means VGC tracking as almost spot on.


Five weeks including Black Friday/Cyber Monday week and 2nd week of December... 

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This site has UK PS4 sales at ~600k YTD as of Nov 3. So in those 5 weeks it'll be ~400k PS4 sales to get it over 1m YTD.

Solid Black Friday sales it seems. PS4 will absolutely dominate that week globally (minus Japan).

This makes updating UK figures much easier. I am currently waiting for November NPD before I update the hardware figures.


Edit: Adjustments will be made if need be. 

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Very good numbers and VGC isn't that off.

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So people believe ps4 is going to sell near 750k or at least 500k in one month in UK???

OK then...