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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Famitsu Preliminary Report: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate opens at 1.3m in Japan

Slownenberg said:
Could it be 5 million global first week??

Thats the floor right now

Green098 said:
tbone51 said:
Waiting on official numbers (and MC) but i wonder if this number includes the bundle?

Itll be 2mil ship+difital fw in japan with 1.5mil-1.7mil as sell thru

Did Famitsu count the Pokemon Let's Go digital bundle I wonder? I don't remember a big difference between Let's Go Famitsu and Media Creates sales but I'm not sure.

They had it roughly the same #. So we could be looking at something much much greater here lol

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Megiddo said:
Slownenberg said:
Could it be 5 million global first week??

If Nintendo had a global initial shipment of 5 million+ I don't see why not.

Global intial shipment of 5mil? Bruh, thats not even close to reality :p


Edit: 7mil minimum of intial shipment and thats being nice.


France alone has 500k shipped retail

Further proof that the Switch as a system acts as a boost to software sales. Amazing numbers

Nintendo made the right decision to publish this game in December and not earlier with other AAA games. They ensure that the game does not have to divide a lot of the attention with another game.

Green098 said:
CaptainExplosion said:
So it's more than the 3DS Smash Bros. FW in Japan?

More than Smash 3DS and Wii U COMBINED  first week in Japan.

It also did almost double Splatoon 2's first week sales in Japan.

O_O *giant pile of money bursts through the floor at Nintendo's Japan headquarters*

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Mmm..., it seems i'm gonna eat a plate full of crows served personally by Miyamotoo soon for saying 1'5M was going to be too much for Smash in Japan....XDDDD. Can i eat it with something sweet to digest it better at least???

So possibly 5m WW?

Looks like it beats lets go by 1 million fw

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Holy crap! That's amazing!

Wyrdness said:
So possibly 5m WW?

You mean WW FW?