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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best and worst generational transitions for a series


Mario most gens. The new games may not necessarily be better than the older ones, but they almost always take advantage of the new hardware in a great way.

Zelda most gens as well. But I don't count BOTW because it is also on the Wii U.

Metroid. Super, Prime 1, and Prime 3 are all fantastic showcases for their systems.

Smash. Each new game is a great expansion on the last with new modes and great new additions to the cast.

Final Fantasy until the HD era.



DK64. Went to far.

Banjo Kazooie nuts and bolts

COD Ghosts

And the absolute worst is Mobile Suit Gundam Crosswire for the PS3.

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In case of best transitions :

I could easily think of Kirby once it came from the NES to the SNES where SuperStar modified a lot of the series structure which modern Kirby games still take the most inspiration from.

StarFox SNES to Star Fox 64(Lylat Wars) is another of those incredible transition.

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Zelda SNES to Ocarina -> That was brilliant.
Mario SNES to 64 -> bad, the last great mario for me is World.
64 to Sunshine -> even worse than the one before, killed Mario entirely for me.
Sunshine to Galaxy -> very good
Zelda TP to SS -> ghastly, worse leap I've ever seen in the history of video games. Zelda SS is the worst AAA game I've ever played. Worst Zelda ever, worst Nintendo game ever, one of the worst video games ever made in the history of the solar system, aliens will mock humanity forever because of this game
FF SNES to VII -> brilliant
SFIII to Alpha/Alpha2 -> great
Super Metroid to Prime -> spectacular, that's the only Metroid i can handle playing
MGS from whatever to whatever -> great
GTAI and II to 3 and the others to their next -> great

Now, best and worst

Zelda TP to SS -> a brilliant game to the worst zelda

God of War III to God of War PS4 -> universal acclaim to one of the best games ever made

God bless You.

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Good ones: Mario, Zelda, final fantasy and metal gear switching to 3d
Bad ones: basically everything else switching to 3d.

Looking back to a lot of those n64 ps1 era games it's probably for the best Metroid and fallout waited

For me:


Ocarina of Time (Pretty much wrote the book on 3D action games and set a new gold standard)

Mario 64 (Did the same for 3D platformers)

Metroid Prime (A masterpiece of atmosphere and immersion)

Breath of the Wild (Used the generational leap in power over the Wii not just for prettier pixels but also for richer, more organic and sophisticated gameplay)



Wind Waker (I think people know my thoughts on this one pretty well by now)

Mario Sunshine (From the epic Mario 64 to being a janitor at a resort. Bleh)

Donkey Kong 64 (After the superb DKC games, this was a big step down, aimless and loaded with filler)

Starfox Adventures (Again, going from the amazing Starfox 64 to a dumbed down Zelda for babies sucked)

Banjo Kazooie Nuts 'n' Bolts (The original two were masterpieces, this was a gimmicky, fiddly, unsatisfying bore)

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