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Forums - Politics Discussion - 41st President George H.W Bush Dead at 94.

Served ad Vice President under Ronald Reagan and won his own presidency in 1988. Best known for Panama and American With Disabilities Act as President. He is also the last President to server in WW2.
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RIP. Been a long time since a president has passed (Gerald Ford 12 years ago).

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This man was involved in a lot of wars but that goes for most presidents. Seemed like a decent guy though. RIP.

Not much better then McCain and only slightly better then his son.

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He was the last Republican Presidet to stand up to Israel. That counts for something. Yet he is also the guy that really pushed a new war program with the Middle East that essentially has been given more funding to the military industrial complex than they did in the cold war.

He also initiated the war with Iraq through lies and trickery, giving him the go-ahead to invade Kuwait, then lying about Iraqi atrocities in Kuwait, and invading. So there are good and bad bits about the guy. 

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