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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PSVR games to get myself for Xmas

SvennoJ said:

Nice. It's R&C Crack in time puzzles made into a game. The talos principle also does some puzzles with recording although limited to one recording I think. The preview in the psn store looks good anyway. How is the movement? Can you turn and move freely?

Free locomotion and looking around, but snap turning in 30, 45 or 90 degree steps

Around the Network is a good way to browse for the best VR games:


John2290 said:

And if you have money to spare a few that aren't mist plays but incredibly fun...

Lethal VR.
Operation warcade
Shooty fruity.
Pixel gear.
Mortal blitz.
Raw data.
Apex construct.
Doom VFR (if you use DS4 instead of moves)
Driveclub VR.

I'm playing Apex construct today and I'm quite disappointed of that game. Seems like an early access / beta version to me. With a bit of fine tuning it could be so much better.

Especially entering passcodes / using the computers could be done with a much better interface. Or equipping/unequip the bow fast with the push on a button. Or change arrows with the push on a button.

I'm glad that I only rented the game for free (VivePort trial subscription). By the way, I like the subscription model of VivePort: you can choose 5 games per month out of several hundred VR games.

But the VivePort app is such a performance hog... it takes more CPU time than the game itself on my PC. At least you can close the app right after the game started.

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