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Forums - Gaming Discussion - what "VIDEOGAME HERO" would you like to be?

in the past we saw appearing many hereos in the videogame universe...some that showed up only once, other that we will never forget...

but what game character impressed you the most in the past, were you thought you would like to be like this hero...for me it is SQUALL from final fantasy 8, a man that don't speak much, but has the heart on the right place...

Squall Leonheart

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Elma from XCX.

Helps humanity escape Earth before it's total destruction in one of the most BA giant robots ever designed (Prog Ares), establishes the first human colony on another planet, pilots a giant robot (skell) to defeat a universal threat. 

Samus i'd touch myself every wake hours

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Nathan Drake I would be invincible by luck, just like domino

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Kratos. Classic Kratos, not the new one.

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Geralt. He gets all the puss.

Mario. I just want to jump and do parkour well,lol.

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Final Fantasy VII

Vincent Valentine because he is immortal

geralt or spider man

Virgil, Devil May Cry

Immortal, inhuman skill and agility, superhuman strength, badass blue coat, ability to fucking cut dimensions...

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