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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Fortnite Hits 8.3m Concurrent Players


This is insane. I can see 10m happening this year. The surprise hit of 2017 is showing no signs of slowing 

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That's a lot of horses.

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That's a good many platers    yes I only came in here to poke fun at your typo

likely during the live event, which is not surprising

Wow, I only have 5 plats.  A lot of people must love the game if over 8 mil players decided to trophy hunt to that extent!


Could not help myself

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Fortnite is dying. All my friends ditched it for Bo4.

jason1637 said:
Fortnite is dying. All my friends ditched it for Bo4.

never played Fortnite.  But I am enjoying BO4 Blackout mode. I now see why BR games have caught on. Winning is a very rewarding experience. Have won 11 games between Duos and Quads and each one was nail biting and down right fun.

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I played fortnite for 2 or 3 weeks and loved it. But then the charm died quickly for me. Glad to hear it's still doing great right now. Its printing cash for epic, creating the mobile version of the game was genius.


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Can it go even higher? Personally I'm getting the vibe that people are gradually getting over the game at this point, but that could just the good old illusion created by the internet.

Platers? Were they all making plates or something?