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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How many hours a day do you spend playing video games?


How many hours a day do you spend playing video games?

Less than 30 min 6 8.96%
30 min - 1 hour 5 7.46%
1 hour - 1.5 hours 8 11.94%
1.5 - 2 hours 14 20.90%
2 - 3 hours 10 14.93%
3 - 4 hours 5 7.46%
4 - 5 hours 5 7.46%
5 - 6 hours 4 5.97%
6 - 24 hours 6 8.96%
24+ hours 4 5.97%

How many hours per day do you play video games, on average?


Very simple question, but I'm really curious to see the answers.

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I can't give you a number but depending on the game i can play it all day and usually all night. Probably had 20 hours sessions with BOTW

Really depends. If I'm free all day by myself, 5-6 hours, if I'm commuting to uni, 4 (two-hour trip each way), if I'm with my family/fiance it depends on them (my fiance loves Overcooked, so probably an hour or two of that)

On average I'd be lucky if I get to 1 hour a week these days.

Like, I haven't played a game since last saturday (and that wasn't for long either), and maybe I could get an hour or 4 in tomorrow if I go to a friend, so that would be only 4 hours this week, or a bit over 30 minutes a day on average. And this would then be a good week. Before last saturday the last thing I played was an hour or two of Uncharted Lost Legacy, when I beat it, three weeks prior. So that's 2 hours total in three weeks!

In the past though there have been the occasional 12 hour sessions, but those days are long gone. Because there's no time, but more importantly because I don't feel like playing much anymore. Breath of the Wild was the first game in a generation I spend considerable time on (ie. longer than 40 hours in total) and it took me well over a year to beat it.

Huh, more than 24hrs a day eh, how is that physically possible? Anyways, depends on the game, but if it's something I can't put down, the highest would be 10hrs, but as of late, my average would be around 7-8hrs a day.


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All I know is I play 20 to 50 hours a week depending on how my week goes. I've always found threads like this one interesting. It really shows you who is a real gamer, and who is a keyboard warrior.

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On weekdays, 1-2 hours mostly. On weekends, 6-8 hours I think.