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Forums - Politics Discussion - Are worker unions good or bad?

Hi so I elected to get a wrist surgery that put me into a different work field. I am a recess para for elementary. I’m enjoying it. I was subbing for a year and now have a great position at an awesome school. 


During orientation, actually after, a union guy presented and pushed everyone to become paying members. I like to know what I’m supporting, I’m against joining until I understand and form an educated opinion. 


I had a friend that was for it. And one that was against it. My instinct is telling me that it’s bad. My reason is that you don’t see unions at McDonald’s or front facing corporations. Which tells me that if a McDonald’s employee gets screwed by working and not getting paid for it (or something similar to that effect) then he would hire a lawyer and sue then for a gang of money. Where as in a union you got to get everybody to sign and agree then wait for a union to get you some portion of it. 


Why is is it that unions are always found wherever things are screwed up? They have no interest in permanently solving things because then they’d be irrelevant. So how is that a good thing? If I ever got screwed by my school (which I have no reason to think that where I am) wouldn’t it make sense to sue them like any other company. Aren’t there ambulance chasers that would see a commission in that? Wouldn’t that stop bad practices from happening in the future. To me it seems like unions let the practices continue while fixing only for the vocal few. You know what I mean?


Everyone in the room joined like it was there duty. No thinking involved. I was told that if I didn’t join I could be fired for not doing so if someone in my chain was prejudice against non paying union members. And I have a coworker who is super awesome, she just seems to have a vested interest in me joining. Which I’m hesitant to acquiesce. I just want her and I to stay good friends. 


Something positive Ive to say, the union got us some raises. The whole city is getting a similar increase. 


What do you have to say about the subject? Good, bad, or ugly?

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They are great

ResilientFighter said:
They are great


Tagging for later, don't have time to write an essay right now lol.

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wow, what did I just read. Seriously is there no education where you are from?

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Don't let companies/people brainwash you into thinking Unions are bad. As someone who has worked for a union and none union company, I can tell you union companies treat you so much better, I went from having a forced clocked out lunch to a paid lunch, anything over 8 hours a day is time and half and so many more benefits (I won't bore you with them). Plus the union place functioned miles better than the none union place.

Unions offer you protection and a lot of benefits. But I would suggest you talk one on one with your union representative at the school to learn more about your union. If this is only a temporary job, I'd avoid joining the union. But if you plan to stay long term, your better off joining the union. Also, check if you are in a 'right to work' state, you might be forced to join if your not.

Again, Unions in the private sectors do wonders for there employees and keep corporations honest. I made more money due to being in a union position. Most union horror stories you hear are government unions that get there employees great package deals, but even this is way over dramatized by the media.


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They can be good or bad, just like anything run by human beings. Historically, Unions have been instrumental in raising working standards in much of the civilized world. Who knows how long it would have taken otherwise? Also, historically, there have been unions that were little more than criminal organizations.

As far as your example about McDonald's, that kind of ignoring half the picture. Big corporations work EXTREMELY hard to keep unions from forming. Get a job with someone like Walmart and they'll bombard you with anti-union propaganda. Many retail chains will make you watch an anti-union video and urge you to report any nefarious looking union reps. However, whether they unionize or not, the THREAT of unionization is very helpful when it comes to corporations treating employees fairly. If they didn't have that possibility, I bet things wouldn't be as peachy as they are now.

That being said, unions have been part of some things that turned out horribly, though the business world is just as responsible. Some of the pension plans and other concessions won by unions previously have literally doomed corporations and brought certain industries to their knees.

SvennoJ said:
wow, what did I just read. Seriously is there no education where you are from?

Your response was very disrespectful and I would like an apology. 

I'm also concerned that by more or less forcing all school employees to be pro union, they are limiting the adults that will mold children's opinions. If you are pro union then are you not most likely a progressive democrat? That's a very politically biased set of teachers and staff. Are unions being used to prevent libertarian ideas from entering the schools?

if unions are a good thing then why would hitler, for example, shut them down?