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The Fury said:
Horizon Zero Dawn, just because the games atmosphere makes it better.

I was just about to say this. Seconded.

@OP The Atmosphere, world, lighting and the dynamic and emergent nature of the game make it the most perfect fit for photomode. Nothing comes close, Spiderman and GoW may have better PM implementation but I've taken a few shoys and ot's not the same or there are games on PC where fun can be found by modding to set up photo's (which is amazing to do in Skyrim) it just doesn't stack up to the mix of everything that makes Horizon such a good example of photomode and photography in a game. 


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Hellblade and HZD are stunning

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I had the most fun with a photo mode in Mario Odyssey. Managed to get some extremely silly pictures with it.

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Dead Rising. Nothing like leveling up by taking photos.

Mario Odyssey, one of the few photo modes I used a lot.

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For me also Spider-Man for PS4, has a great photo mode.

For me also Spider-Man for PS4, has a great photo mode.