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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Hardware 25 August 2018

Well, the fun starts soon. Next months Will be interesting.

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JRPGfan said:
trunkswd said:

I made adjustments to all consoles in the US now that we got NPD figures for August. 

How close were we?

The ratios didn't change that much. Figures were just a little high for everything. 

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Also, Switch close to 20 million!! :D

Radek said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

Switch was consistently doing above 70k in NA for several weeks. Then it seems like it drop all of the sudden to 57k-ish. I am not sure why it stayed above 70k a week for so long, and now I am not sure why it dropped all of the sudden.

Perhaps because of Octopath Traveller?

I think it has to be more than Octopath Traveler.  Octopath Traveler had an extremely strong first week, but it fell down quickly in the charts after that.  Switch sales also spiked when Octopath Traveler was released, but while Octopath declined in sales, the Switch kept going strong.  There is something more going on with the Switch than just Octopath Traveler.

Here is info I pulled from VGChartz.

Week Switch (NA) Octopath Traveler Sales (USA)
July 7 46k -
July 14 77k 135k
July 21 70k 40k
July 28 72k 27k
Aug. 4 71k 18k
Aug. 11 70k 15k
Aug. 18 71k ?
Aug. 25 57k ?

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The week after that NSW has Monster Hunter coming out.

God bless You.

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Was this the week of PS4 500million edition release?

Zanark best Inazuma Eleven pg

PS4 doing really great as usual.

Ps4 with a comfortable lead this week. Did the 500m ps4 launch this week?

I'm honestly surprised that the PS4 didn't pass 200K this week. The 500 Million PS4 Pro should have sold all or most of its 50K units on the 24th alone, right?


Kerotan said:
Ps4 with a comfortable lead this week. Did the 500m ps4 launch this week?

On the 24th.