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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Forza Horizon 4 Demo available now

Forza Horizon 4 Demo is available to download for Xbox One and Windows 10.


Just played on Xbox One X in both the Quality Mode and the Performance Mode.  Quality Mode offers higher graphic fidelity at 30FPS while Performance Mode offers lower graphic fidelity at 60FPS.  The game looks amazing in both and I could hardly even see a downgrade going from the Quality Mode to the Performance Mode. 

Well done Playground Games.


Locked 60FPS

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I usually hate these long intros in Horizon that you can’t skip, but this one was pretty amazing showcasing the four different seasons with essentially four different races. I can’t believe GamePass subscribers get this day one. Looks and plays amazing.

The demo is pretty good and since I pre ordered the Ultimate Edition digitally I can play the real game in two weeks already.

Since I got Gamepass for 2 months I will be playing it when it releases.

Proud to be a Californian.

Thankfully PC is my haven to go to this time. I'm trying it today.,

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I think this game gets released, and it's being that this game can be played on Xbox One.
A racing game is always being my favorite, waitings for a long time.



darkenergy said:
Since I got Gamepass for 2 months I will be playing it when it releases.

That's the deal I got too. $2 for 2 months.... I'll be finished Forza horizon 4 before then. May even sneak in the first 2 recent tomb raider games also.... For $2! Even if 3 wasn't discounted,amazing value.