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RGG Studio's new IP. Coming west in 2019!

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Nagoshi trolled us? This is Yakuza again.

Game is set in Kamurocho. They totally trolled us.

Looking forward to checking out the vids.

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So that's the thing they they sad has nothing to do with Yakuza?

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Xxain said:
Nagoshi trolled us? This is Yakuza again.

How is it Yakuza again? Because it's set in Japan and has action combat? From the non-combat bits they showed, it looked not like any Yakuza games I've played.

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Xxain said:
Nagoshi trolled us? This is Yakuza again.

It looks like Yakuza (its even set in Kamurocho), but after playing the demo it does feel like its own thing that just so happens to be set in Yakuza's universe with things like the investigations you will do. Granted the combat is very similar to Yakuza to the point of bring back 0's multiple fighting styles, but there are only two fights in the demo so I doubt you will fight as often as you do in Yakuza.

The demo was good, while it does has Yakuza's setting and combat system I have a feeling that the investigation will be the thing you do most in the game hopefully so it can stand on its compare to the upcoming Shin Yakuza and the rest of the Yakuza series.

Definitely re-using Yakuza assets and keeping things very similar in the Dragon engine, but I'm definitely interested in this. Glad to see SEGA commit to a localization the same day it's premiered.

I know the yakuza games reuse a lot of assets, but considering their production values, it's still damn impressive how the yakuza team manages to release basically 1 game per year. It's even more impressive when you consider their games don't sell gangbusters, which means they probably don't have massive budgets.

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