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Does this trailer change your mind about BFV?

Yes, I'm sold. 0 0.00%
More than before. 3 23.08%
No, still feel the same. 3 23.08%
I was going to buy it anyways. 1 7.69%
I wasn't going to buy it ... 6 46.15%

How many threads for this game I won't play =p

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Darwinianevolution said:
After everything EA and Dice have done in regards to this game, I'm not really in the mood to support this. Then again, I don't buy EA games on PC due to not being able to stand Origin at all, so...

I do have the feeling they are trying to backtrack everything that's happened, but it's not going to work in any meaningful way. Plus, it's still EA, the biggest blunders happen after the game has launched.

From looking at the trailer, it seems like the "story" from which most of the controversy stems is but one of several.  Rather than backtracking, it really looks like the initial mistake was taking that one "story" and trying to turn it into the focal point.  I get the impression that it was a big PR move rather than a development move.  They were likely looking for brownie points from the Polygons and Eurogamers of the world--which they'll probably get, to be honest.  I think this will be one of those instances where PR screwed things up for a good product.

Nope. Looks as if they aren't really changing anything, their just purposely focusing on the non controversial stuff to try and hook you regardless. It's a nice magic trick but the point is still the unseen.

That looks a good deal better than what was shown in previous trailers.

It's no secret that I have a huge problem with how DICE handled E3 and subsequent interviews, but there are some positives nonetheless. I think they are EA is getting it together with Battlefield. That delay was a great move to not be titanfalled 2'ed, and this trailer, along with the (Rotterdam one) were a good improvement.

Alongside that, EA is now giving all DLC for Battlefield 1 for free (to keep forvever) for a limited time.

Although I'm not buying it, I'll use my friend's EA access to play the campaign, cause I really like the Battlefield 1 campaign.

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Looks good. I don't enjoy Battlefield enough for it to be a day-one purchase (I've always preferred Halo's shooting mechanics over standard "military shooter" mechanics), and I have other stuff this fall I want to get, but maybe after New Year's when the price has gone down a bit I'll pick up a copy.