Forums - Sony Discussion - PlayStation plus September line-up includes Destiny 2 & God of War III remastered!

That's a great month. I wonder if they're stepping up the offerings to combat game pass?
Either way, we all win.

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mjk45 said:
shikamaru317 said:
Good month for sure. Sony must have shelled out pretty big bucks to get Destiny 2 on Plus a year after it released.

 I wouldn't be surprised if Destiny 2 sales haven't had the pick up from the Curse of Osiris and Warmind expansions that they expected and it maybe that the different expansion passes  for Destiny 2 / Forsaken aren't selling at a rate  high enough to keep enough active players spending on Destiny while attracting new players  .

If my theories are correct then Destiny 2 on Plus might have been offered up for next to nothing, the timing with Forsaken just around the corner points that way, whatever the circumstance I can't see Sony instigating this especially without there being strong public expectation pushing for it to be on Plus.

Yeah they've effectively made the base game F2P hoping people buy the expensive dlc although the first 2 expansions are on sale for a combined 18 euro right now which is good. I'd say they'll have the base game on sale for next to nothing from now on. 10 euro in December sale etc 

Pretty darn solid month with Spider-Man right around the corner.

Well if Activision was willing to put this struggling franchise up for free since it has potential...

Then maybe EA will throw a freebie and follow suit with their own struggling franchise that has potential?

Just a wild guess. Both space shooter sequels. Why not?

COKTOE said:
The_Yoda said:

Kind of sad ever since I got close to maxing out my 2TB drive I quit grabbing the free titles... or at least checking them as often.  Many good games on that list that I didn't pick up. The damned Switch has monopolized my time this year for sure.  It's been quite some time since I sat down by myself and played my PS4.

! Did you at least add them to your library? It sounds like you didn't.

Nope didn't even check on em.