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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Predict Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Opencritic/Metacritic score.



95 to 100 0 0%
90 to 94 0 0%
85 to 89 2 11.11%
80 to 84 8 44.44%
75 to 79 5 27.78%
70 to 74 2 11.11%
65 to 69 0 0%
60 to 64 0 0%
55 to 59 0 0%
54 or lower. 1 5.56%

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is coming out in the west in just three days. What do you think it will get? 

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High 70’s to low 80’s I would guess, so I would put it at 80 . Will suffer from not being MHW and the fact that it is essentially a HD 3DS game. Regardless I have had the Japanese ver for 6 months, 650 hours offline only so far and I can’t understand a word but I have really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the eng release so I can start all over again.


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Somewhere between 60 and 130.

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What did the 3DS version get?

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I imagine it'll be a lot lower than Generations on 3DS. It'll get hurt by not just being a 3ds port, and looking very dated technically, but also no doubt from comparisons to MH:World.

I'm betting it'll get around 75.

I'm a Tri and 3U veteran (2k+ hours between those) and, after the Demo, I felt grossed out by the visuals. So a 75 seems to be in order.

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Its not monster hunter world.... with all the new cool additions that brought to the game, in terms of gameplay elementals/world.

This "has" to score a good bit lower imo.

My guess is around 75-80.


farlaff said:

I'm a Tri and 3U veteran (2k+ hours between those) and, after the Demo, I felt grossed out by the visuals. So a 75 seems to be in order.

Yeah MHW will be fresh in the memories of reviewers, and the graphics of this, could result in a lowered score.

I'll go with 84. True that it looks not nearly as good as MHW but on the flip side - there are more weapons and monsters in the game. Especially in terms of monsters MHW was really lacking in my eyes…. So I think it will perform decent as I also factor the mobility as a switch game

I think 82. There will be negative comparisons with World, and the fact it's effectively an upscaled 3DS game will count against it. Similarly, I think there'll be some criticisms of the amount of fluff (fetch quests!) in the early game. On the other hand, variety of locations, monsters, styles and weapons will count in its favour.

I'm undecided on whether or not to buy this at some point.