Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do you have any games that you have hit a roadblock with near the end whether that be completing the game or getting the plat/ final achievements

Some japanese games require crazy grinding at the end that's not worth my time and effort so I just watch the endings on youtube.

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Currently I've been stuck on Ornstein & Smough for the last 3 or 4 times I've actually given Dark Souls a shot. But I just gotta get back into it and summon Solaire for the fight. It becomes a lot easier from there.

Besides that, I think the only one I can recall is the final fight in Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within. I kept glitching and falling through the platform against the final boss. I remember getting close to beating her 3 times and falling through the geometry each time. But that was a rental. Otherwise I chip away slowly at my backlog and try to explore as much as I wish to in my first playthrough of games.

Windwaker years back when you have to collect the triforce shards. Mind you I completed it years later but it literally put me off the game and it was my favourite Zelda game by far at the time (still is my most fond). There are many games I just stopped playing, but mostly cause I couldn't be bothered.


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Final Fantasy VIII and IX. Played both a lot and enjoyed them even, but still didn't finish them. I don't know, suddenly I just lost the motivation. I only finished both years later. I can't explain that myself, either.

I've experienced that too. It's a weird feeling, knowing you're like at the very end of the game but can't push yourself to finish them. I know I've literally loaded save files in RPGs year later after leaving them, only to play them for 20 minutes, beat the final boss and then actually be done with the game. I can't give an explanation either, other than maybe getting like very burned from the game and it unfortunately hits at the very end?

Exact same thing happened with FF12 when I played it on the PS2 I didn't finish it only completed around 50 % at the time I wasn't a fan of the new game mechanics, recently I played the remaster for PS4 and with time and distance I actually found it more enjoyable this time round ,still after all that coming close toward the end I couldn't be bothered finishing it.

octopath traveler i got stuck at a boss tried it a few times and just gave up. that was a week ago and havent tried it since then which is a shame its a great game. but i just cant get myself to try it again or grind out some lvls

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I stopped buying the tales games and hope they do put some "tale" back into them in future.
My last one was zesteria and it just felt boring uninspired lowbudget(at a high retail price!!) and generic.

I had the same problem with the latest star ocean.

Bravely Default.

I went through the 4 times at made it to the final boss, but I found that the jobs I focused on are not well suited and I'm not going to spend hours grinding to get the vampire job level up to level 99. So no final boss for me.

World of Warcraft.

the allied races are behind a rep grind wall. rep toekns were made useless by blizz before BfA. making the grind horrible. doing World Quests over and over to grind little rep per day. Got bored with this, BfA came out, did the content and dungeons, i liked it very well, but back to world quests all over again. so burned out on world quests. taking a long break again. at least until I can play the allied races i paid for, not locked away behind a rep grind.


I'm also procrastinating fighting the Valkyrie Queen in GoW. I know I should grind the boring maze for better armor but I don't feel like it.

I also never finished Metroid Prime 2 because I kept dying against the Ing Emperor then I lost my save and didn't feel like starting over again.

Edit : Another would be Final Fantasy XV, it takes forever to get from place to place and I was getting bored out of my mind waiting for the car to get somewhere and fast travel wasn't much better with the long load times. Eventually, I didn't like the combat and story enough to suffer through all that wait.

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Ugh Yakuza Kiwami. Seriously a big fuck you to the developers for such a big oversight. They got so lazy with the recycling from Yakuza Zero that they completely underestimated a certain level's 'broken-ness' on Legend mode.

One of the trophies requires replaying and completing the game on Legend difficulty, which isn't at all that hard... but the fucking car chase level. Holy shit that level is near impossible on legend mode. AND THERE ARE NO CHECK POINTS ON THIS MODE. You literally have to play through 20 minutes of cutscenesto get to the car chase again every time you fail.

The dude in the video in the link above completely describes how I feel about it, save that I gave up on it and he didn't.

Side note. I'm shocked at how many people think GOW and P5 are difficult. I personally found them easy, just needs a lot of grind to build up strength/ buy better armor.

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