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Forums - Music Discussion - Favorite albums of all time

Flilix said:
Kalkano said:

It's highly likely that no one here has even heard of my favorite band. I found them through one of those online streaming sites that takes what you like, and makes recommendations based on that.

Dead by April. My favorite album from them is probably "Let the World Know", with my favorite song being "My Tomorrow".

I remember listening to some of their songs last year. I think I got there through Youtube recommendations, because they just released a new song back then. Didn't really get into them though, they are a bit too heavy/screamy for me.

The funny thing is, while they do scream quite a bit, their lead singer also sounds like he could be one of the Backstreet Boys.

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drbunnig said:
Jumpin said:

Not sure my favourites, I'll list some that I like a lot that I can think of right now:

How very Gen X of me.

What do you reckon to Janelle Monáe's last two? I really liked The Electric Lady, although I haven't given the latest one enough time yet.

I like them both a lot, but not as much as her first two... or rather, they haven't grown on me as much as the first two; I didn't listen to them virtually every day for weeks.

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Yomieeee said:


Give this a listen:

80's stuff, but Kate Bush is virtually the root influence of all the music you like.


That goes double for you Outkast fans:

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.