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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What's the AAA adventure game that Switch really needs?

Yerm said:
would GTA V be a great game to have on Switch? yes! will it happen? probably not. simply because the joy-cons do not have analog triggers, and GTA is game entirely centered around vehicles

Yes, for this reason the Switch has no games that are centered around vehicles.

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Due to the fact that i use my Switch only docked, i play on it only exclusives cause i play the other games on PS4 Pro for obvious reasons. Said that, i desire an AAA RPG (J preferibly but even W would be good) action based. Who knows if Sakaguchi from Mistwalker is working on, maybe from them, and as said before it should be exclusive. I'd like to see too a good remaster of Skyward Sword and Xenoblade Chronicles X.
An other game i'd like to play on my Switch is a New Zelda created only for the Switch, improving the little things that Botw didn't do like swimming under water or some bigger villages.

Majority of the games you listed aren't AAA, but it needs a Pokemon RPG immediately. That's the only game my Switch needs personally, and some Super Mario Bros to go with it on the side.

Dragon Quest XI and Dark Souls Remastered are two games that would fill the void that the OP is talking about. Also Dragon Quest Builders kind of already filled that void for me this year. And while Octopath Traveler may be an acquired taste, it seems like a surprising number of people have acquired that taste. Overall, I personally have more than enough games that I still need to play on Switch, but for people needing a new adventure game, it would be nice for DQXI and Dark Souls Remastered to come out this year.

Shiken said:
I would love a remake of Oblivion or Morrowind on the Switch.

Morrowind with all the official expansions and official plugins and additional missions, and tailor-tweaked and patched for NS, would "steal" a lot of the gaming time from gamers buying it. Bethesda would love it, other 3rd parties probably not.    

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Aside from Nintendo and more indie studios with stronger capital you are not likely to get a AAA title on Switch.

The bigger publishers are acting conservative with the device, putting some resources but not a lot to the device. Which is especially frustrating with the Japanese ones where the Switch is quickly gaining ground on the PS4. However the timing of the device and potential for the next generation appearing in under two years means the Switch maybe once again overtaken by even more powerful machines and features.

We just might be seeing Tomb' never know...

But yeah, GTAV is one that I think Nintendo can get and Rockstar would be silly if they didn't put at least the 360/PS3 versions on it.

Op. I agree. The selection has been fairly poor for me. Nowhere near the excitement of 2017. I've really wanted a kid icarua w a Zelda type scope/feel. Darks siders collection on switch would've made my year. I guess I'm a dinosaur but big single player adventures are still my bread and butter.

The Switch needs new games, not ports of old games.

Well, GTA like most people said. Other than that, nothing else. GTA sells just about anywhere, any other existing franchise that fits within the genre would be needlessly impactful in gaining traction, but would not a greatly profitable outcome. Like DOOM.

Nintendo just need to put out their Animal Crossing, 2D Mario/Mario Maker, and thereafter work on new IPs and they've got all their heavy sales hitters out of the way. Then leave it to Japanese third-party support and indies, and see how goes. We'll probably see 3DS-level sales at peak if Nintendo plays their cards right. The Switch can only do so much to maintain relevance in this generation, since a lot of the multiplats that have been announced so far are missing the platform. It would be ideal if Nintendo could make their hardware more attractive to newer developers and if they see success and expand, there could be more ambitious titles for the system.

I for one, do not mind this. It's unrealistic to suggest that Nintendo could even get half as good as the third party support as their competitors. So they might as well just lean more towards the 3DS route and make the system cheaper and possibly more portable if they do a hardware revision at any point. It would be more efficient at selling units than porting games that are beyond the system's capabilities.