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Forums - Website Topics - How do I post pics from my PC?

I want to post a contribution to this highly entertaining thread where people post what they consider the dumbest video game covers of all time, but can't figure out how to post a picture that's stored on my computer. It's so easy on other message boards! But here I click on the little Insert/Edit Image option -- the little tree icon -- and the only option that comes up is "Image URL", which for some reason I haven't managed to make work right here yet either. Can't I just select a pic from my computer to post? If so, how?

It would be helpful to know for future reference anyway.

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I'm pretty sure you need to upload the pics somewhere online, such as Imgur. Obviously then you'll also have a URL.

Zkuq said:
I'm pretty sure you need to upload the pics somewhere online, such as Imgur. Obviously then you'll also have a URL.

This is correct.

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That's lame. Alright, let me an attempt at posting an image from a URL here.

EDIT: Okay, figured it out!

You can try to copy and paste it, not from the Quick Reply box, you need to use the "Reply" or "Quote" buttons or the "Rich Text Reply" link on top of the quick box, although it doesn't always work, I don't know why.

I'll try now with a pic of mine:

No, not working. Tried also opening pic with the browser, then copying and pasting  it, nothing again, neither it worked using the url shown in the address box

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Upload an image from your computer to imgur, then once it's finished, open the image, in a new tab if you'd like, and copy the url. Come back here and do a "Rich Text Reply", from there in the toolbar at the top you'll see a picture of a tree, click that, paste your url into it and click insert. 



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Drag and drop should work, no need to upload it anywhere. Just drag it from your image folder on your PC in to your post.