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Forums - General Discussion - I need to ask you all something about love.


Do you think love can bloom on a gaming forum?

Yes 36 66.67%
No 18 33.33%

Do you think love can bloom even on a gaming forum?

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All is fair in love and console war...

Love..... Love never changes.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

Love for waifus certainly can bloom on a forum 

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I hope so lol. I’d love ro have a girlfriend who’s a gamer. A buddy of mine is married to a fellow gamer and she goes on hours-long Overwatch binges with him and sometimes stays on when he signs off lol. I also have a cousin who met his wife on World Of WarCraft 12 years and 4 kids later they’re still WOW fanatics. So I’m hoping my God Of War-playing, Hot Shots-golfing lady is out there. With my luck she’s on another console and I’m a Sony gamer lol.


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I believe so. I think you can find love anywhere.

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Nope. And if you are confusing social attachment through an online forum with love I would suggest you may need to talk to someone about this.

I think you can feel attracted to someone on forums, even develop a crush on someone but not love. Maybe it's the traditionalist in me but true love can only develop from a proper real-life meeting

Sure, it can start on a forum (or chat room, or game, etc.), but ultimately, you end up having to meet this person. No different from online dating. It's just another method of discovering the existence of someone.

My sister met her husband playing the first Everquest. He moved to Canada from New Zealand, they got married 9 years ago, and now have one child.