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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Most Wanted August Voting Thread

1. Yakuza Kiwami 2 (PS4)
2. Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise (PS4)
3. Yakuza 3 (PS4)
4. Team Sonic Racing (PS4)
5. Shenmue 1&2 HD Collection (PS4)

Honorable mentions: Darksiders III, Soulcalibur VI.

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1. Forza Horizon 4 - Xbox One
2. Valkyria Chronicles 4 - Xbox One
3. Life is Strange 2 - Xbox One
4. We Happy few - Xbox One.
5. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Xbox One

Hmm this is the first time I can remember for a long time of everything been on one platform, It's usually split between X1/NS but there is nothing for me on the Switch now until Smash so I'll probably creep that in over the next month or two, We Happy Few caught my eye again recently after reading a few good articles about how the game has come along through Early Access after it's great reveal a few E3's back.

1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (NS)
2. Pokémon 2019 (NS)
3. Fire Emblem Three Houses (NS)
4. Daemon x Machina (NS)
5. Mega Man 11 (NS)

1. Spyro Reignited Trilogy (XBO)
2. Shadow of the Tomb Raider (XBO)
3. Valkyria Chronicles 4 (XBO)
4. Mega Man 11 (XBO)
5. Soulcalibur VI (XBO)

1. Pokemon Let's Go Eevee/Pikachu (NS)
2. Kingdom Hearts 3 (XBO)
3. Valkyria Chronicles 3 (XBO)
4. Super Smash Bros: Ultimate (NS)
5. Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition (XBO)

Honorable mentions: Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Fallout 76

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1. Death Stranding (PS4)

2. Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS4)

3. Fire Emblem: Three Houses (NSW)

4. Spider Man (PS4)

5. The Last of Us: Part II (PS4)

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1. Pokemon Let's Go (NS)
2. Super Mario Party (NS)
3. Resident Evil 2 Remake (PS4)
4. The Last of Us 2 (PS4)
5. Super Smash Bros Ultimate (NS)

1. Fire Emblem Three Houses (NS)
2. Pokemon Lets Go (NS)
3. Overcooked 2 (NS)
4. Super Smash Bros. ULTIMATE (NS)
5. Super Mario Party (NS)

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Late-Month Bump. I haven't been on lately due to something happening earlier this month but I fully intend on continuing the Most Wanted.

E3 actually had a big impact on my wishlist from last month (to my surprise, because I don't care for E3 nowadays). RE2 has been added and goes straight to the top, while disappointing Ghost of Tsushima and Spyro gameplay demos means they both drop down a few places, and on the flipside a strong Last of Us Part II demo means it breaks into my top 5.

1 - Resident Evil 2 (PS4)
2 - Days Gone (PS4)
3 - The Surge 2 (PC)
4 - Last of Us Part II (PS4)
5 - Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)

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