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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do you think Darksouls and bloodborne will continue?


I think there...

Will be a souls 5 or DS4 0 0%
Will NOT be a souls 5 or DS4 1 5.00%
Will be BB 2 8 40.00%
Will NOT be a BB2 1 5.00%
Will be both 6 30.00%
Will be neither 4 20.00%
Comments/indifferent/middle America.... 0 0%

I think they'll do another bb if sony wants it. I want another Demon's Souls. I'm glad there's a sequel to Nioh. The genre isn't going anywhere.

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There'll definitely be more souls games at least, even if not directly related to those two series. But another "Dark Souls" is very likely in my opinion, and Bloodborne 2 is a possibility but not as sure a thing.

BB without Miyazaki - waste of time, like DS2. Sony still have Nioh 2 and, probably, DeS Remake. This is more than enough.

Sure. Rule of thumb: if it makes money, then sooner or later, you're going to see more of it.

Looking at their new game. Neither. DS is done, Sony commission Bloodborne, so that's up to them. However, their new game with a 3rd party might be the direction the studio want to go.

Hmm, pie.

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bb2 will most likely be made for next generation

Didn't the creator say he wanted a break from games like that? Never say never but i think it might be a while. Sony may even feel Nioh fills that niche for the time being with the announcement of Nioh 2

I don´t think Dark Souls will, and while Sekiro is something different, I think From will make more "true" Souls like games in the future after giving the formula a rest for a few years, but I really doubt it´ll be "Dark Souls 4", that whole bonfire/undead/link the fire mechanic and lore is done.

John2290 said:
Angelus said:
Sure. Rule of thumb: if it makes money, then sooner or later, you're going to see more of it.

Not necessarily. There are many great games out there that never got a sequel or finished in the middle of a story arch. Bloodborne isn't exactly a call of duty in terms of sales and FromSoft have no more obligations to Sony on paper. 

I was talking more about Dark Souls. Idk what the situation is with BB in terms of who owns the IP and all that.

I think both will make a comeback eventually maybe not this gen tho. would love to see bb2 as a launch title for ps5