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Forums - PC Discussion - Yakuza franchise comming to pc!

Sega just announced it on the pc e3 lifestream

Yakiza o and kiwami comming to pc.

Great for pc fans enjoy the games there amazing!


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They are still going to be infested with Denuvo, though, so no buy from me.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Yakuza fans on PC be like:

Nice. I've been playing Kiwami and it's pretty good. Happy to see the PC getting in on the Yakuza franchise as well.

Smart move, more people can play it.


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Excellent move, Sega.
I might pick one up for PC later on.

Good, imo all multiplats should come to PC.

This is actually awesome. Not long ago I wondered why I never checked out the Yakuza series. So I went to Steam and realized why. So which one is the good one?

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Hell yeah.

Despite the hype and how much people talked about the Yakuza games on the forums, I didn't pay too much attention to them because they were exclusive to PS consoles. I guess I'll have to do some research now .

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