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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Days Gone And Crackdown 3 - Which Will Score The Highest?


Which Game Will Score The Highest?

Day's Gone 53 82.81%
Crackdown 3 7 10.94%
Show me the results 4 6.25%

I picked the troll option in the poll.

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Days gone, but not by much.
Days gone 80~83.
Crack Down 78~81. ( the 20 extra months will show results, a 60 game will become a 80 game... I hope).

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Days Gone but I bet that Crackdown is more fundamentally fun, if not as polished.

I think Days Gone will score better score wise. But i think Crackdown will surprise peoplw with its sales. Both Sea of Thieves and SOD2 did uite well saleswise (yes i know those figures included trial versions) and i think CD3, which will rate higher than both, will sell very well.

In fact even thoigh i put DG to have greater sales, i wouldn't be surprised to see CD3 match it.

Both seem mediocre to me. Hope they both bomb.

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Slade6alpha said:
Both seem mediocre to me. Hope they both bomb.

LOL idk about bombing since people’s jobs are probably affected by that, but I agree both have looked pretty mediocre at times. I’ll vote CD3 since it has MP and the platforming action, Days Gone just looks like another narrative game to me and what they’ve shown of gameplay looked pretty iffy to me. A complete opposite of the reveal that was set in one of the horde areas full of action.

Probably Days Gone. It looks like an ideal zombie game. Crackdown 2 didn't score that well.

Days Gone will most likely win in metacritic. I don't even see myself playing Crackdown 3 even with my gamepass subscription, I don't care for arcade shooters, and I tried Crackdown 2 for free and the game just made no sense.
I really wish Microsoft didn't invest so much into this game, It's not going to sell enough to make a profit, and the studio could of made something else people would be excited for on Xbox.
The only game doesn't even show the true power of the Scorpio. We got Horizon 4, and soon to be Halo or Gears (Spinoff Gears) to show off the power of the beast. Crackdown should still release, but they just shouldn't have bothered touching the franchise again in the first place.
Soon to be a 9 year wait, and the previous games not even hitting 2 million is just a recipe for financial disaster. Gamepass has to come in clutch for this title.

I know that the results won't be as massive, but it does look like "Sea of thieves VS God of War: 2019 edition"...

Well Agent of Mayhem >>>>>>>>>> crackdown 3. So i believe Crackdown 3 will just be a decent games.

Days of Gone probably also not that special (Zombie games / Clickers ) but it has more potential because it's a new IP and bringing new type of enemy and new type zombie games.

I bet Days Gone Meta critic will be around 82 to 87 , while Crackdown is about 73 to 78.