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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox E3 sale. $199 Xbox One S, $449 Xbox One X, 300 Games on Sale. $1 Gamepass and Xbox live

Well the game sale is somewhat disappointing don't think its better then the spring sale.

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Even though it was kinda weak I ended up buying Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition and Need For Speed Payback.

Another Xbox sale. They could probably save some time if they started announcing when it was selling at regular price.


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VAMatt said:
thismeintiel said:

It'll be very interesting. The PS4 is still $299, but the Pro is going to be $349 (which I'm guessing will be it permanent price later this year.) If the XBO can't win June with a $199 XBO, that will be a piss poor showing. 

It is amazing to me that they're still able to sell PS4s at $299.  I have to think that most are purchased on sale, or at least in a bundle.  There is no way in hell that I would spend that on a base system at this point in the generation.  

There’s a 500GB model for $269.

I bought Forza Horizon 3 and AC origins.


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