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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Bloodborne vs. Dark Souls 3 for a beginner


Bloodborne or Dark Souls 3 for a Souls-newbie?

Bloodborne 22 66.67%
Dark Souls 3 10 30.30%
Both equally 1 3.03%

Darksouls 3 is the easier game,hide behind a shield and slash to victory.Bloodborne is far more offensive and rewards you for it.Start with Darksouls the try to tackle BB.

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Dark souls is have 3 bosses that are 100 times harder than the worst boss in bloodborne.

The enemy in bloodborne is getting lost all the fucking time xD


This one is hard because I personally enjoy Bloodborne more (I think it's got a more unique theme and aesthetic, the combat is faster and far more intricate, and I think there's a lot more content, even if half of it is hidden), butI think that Dark souls is far easier to get into.

Bloodborne is fast paced, but perfectly placed dodge rolls and evasion requires a bit more skill and mastery than hiding behind a shield. That said, Dark Souls III is easily the best when it comes to allowing a dodge-heavy playstyle out of the Dark Souls series, so you could do it either way. Also, Dark souls allows for more varied builds and playstyles. Bloodborne almost always forces you into a quick attacker with physical weapons (it has magic/arcane, but it's far harder to get into than magic is in Dark Souls.) In Dark Souls, you can use sorceries, pyromancies, one handed weapons, two handed weapons, you can be a tank or a rogue, you can be a mage or a knight, and they all play very different. Bloodborne is less about what class you want to play and more about what weapon you want to use.

Both are excellent games, but after playing 100+ hours on each one and getting the platinum on them both, I can say that Bloodborne is better, but Dark Souls is more accessible. Start there, I think.

Start with dark souls, they're easier than bloodborne and thanks to bloodborne, I never used shields in dark souls 3, it became easier due to the parrying and rolling I did in bloodborne that I adapted for DS3, if you happen to get to the dlc of bloodborne, you're gonna have a lot of deaths more than usual, but you'll still enjoy it(I hope ).


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BB is easier to get into but becomes less forgiving as you progress while DS3 is punishing to start off but becomes very manageable as you progress, the are slight differences in how you approach fights as in BB is some what faster and feels a bit more technical in how you deal with bosses while DS is more reliant on your set up.

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I'm curious to see the answers here. I've been thinking of checking out a Souls game myself.

I voted Dark Souls 3, but really I'd recommend the first Dark Souls since the remastered version just came out.

It depends on your play style really, if you're aggressive when it comes to action games, and are finely tuned with quick movements, Bloodborne would be an easier game to master. If your'e more casual or defensive, and play games that that relatively fast, Dark Souls III is the better choice. However, lets say you chose Dark Souls III, and have beaten it numerous times with relative ease. Don't expect to be good at Bloodborne, because the pace of combat for those two is vastly different. That's how I got rekt in Bloodborne after conquering Dark Souls II over 9 times. I thought it would be a breeze transitioning, but I died nearly 20+ times against the second boss in Bloodborne. I only got better after I had to re-adapt to the combat and leave the Dark Souls mindset behind.

The_Liquid_Laser said:
I voted Dark Souls 3, but really I'd recommend the first Dark Souls since the remastered version just came out.

I dunno, that game is obtuse as fuck. You could reasonably get to the end of Dark Souls III without a walkthrough or any guidance, I can't say the same for Dark Souls I. Having just finished that game, there's a LOT going on that is just obtuse, deliberately confusing, or straight-up withheld from the player. 

Great game, but not great for beginners. 3 was far more accessible, as was Bloodborne. 

My recommendation to you is to choose whichever game you like the theme of more. Medieval dark fantasy or vampires and werewolves.