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Champions league

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1.NHL: My favourite sports league in the world. Love the close games and I think the Stanley Cup playoffs as the best tournament in the sporting world.
2.NFL: The short season is what makes it very exciting. I'm already looking forward to the next season. My main complaint is that the Super Bowl is more about halftime and commercials than the game.
3.MLB: This might actually be second if it wasn't for the 162 game season. I love the baseball postseason and despite no salary cap I think it's the toughest league to predict the champion before the season starts.
4.NBA: Like you said I think the game is too high-scoring. It also doesn't have much parity, making the NBA playoffs less exciting for the first two rounds. March Madness is another story though, I would say that college basketball's tournament is better than any other college sport.

NBA since it seems to be the only actual sport of the 4.

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NHL > Everything else.

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Pinkie_pie said:
Just NBA for me. NBA used to be low scoring in the 90s but then they got rid of the hand check and the 3 second rules which made it easier to score now

Plus almost every team has multiple guys now that can shoot 3 pointers in the past most teams only had one or two guys that could shoot 3 pointers.

In terms of how much I enjoy each?

1. MLB
2. NHL
3. NFL
4. NBA

First two are close. I would put MLS above the NBA, and probably above the NFL too.

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1. MLB
2. NFL
3. NBA
4. NHL

TBH college basketball and football sometimes is more entertaining then their pro counter parts as they play to win not play for money.



NCAA football>NCAA basketball>NBA>NFL>MLB> Canadian Sport.


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MLS and USL are only US/Canada leagues I follow closely.

Of those four listed NHL is one I like to watch. I enjoy watching fitness and weight lifting competitions, and the Olympics in general.