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Forums - Sony Discussion - Proof that PS Allstars 2 will be announced this E3 (It wont)

Solid case you make RespectDecena.
Case closed, its happending.

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I actually do think they are going to announce it at E3.

Porcupine_I said:
What if they announce PS Allstars 2 and it's a PUBG style game where you play as Playstation characters?

Too hard to balance imo 

Lol made me laugh.

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Well I must say, this was... interesting :P

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shikamaru317 said:
I actually do think they are going to announce it at E3.

I was initially going to add more clues to why this could happen by insisting the 8 out of 10 IGN gave to the original allstars represented the ouroboros when flipped on its side to represent how All-Stars is infinite and will come back. But if I can stop being an asshole for a second and be serious, I actually do some what believe there is a chance they could announce another all-stars one day, maybe even soon. A lot of this post was actually me making fun of myself and one of my friends since we have actually had discussions of the chances of a sequel getting announced and some of the stuff here is some actual reasons we've come up with at times, but obviously exaggerated.