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Should GTA VI have female and gay playable protagonists?

Yes for equal Representation! 8 7.08%
No. I am homophobic and s... 29 25.66%
Let Rockstar do what they... 76 67.26%

Yeah would be interesting to see what other women think when you go around and beat hookers.


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Alex12124 said:
Or how about just good characters ?

This. I would rather have well written and acted deep characters, along with an engaging story and gameplay. A female yes, gay...... I don't want somebodies sex life forced into it. Hasn't really been with past characters, no need now.

Absolutely. Female protagonist all the way. A ravishing hot babe, with a nice behind and state of the art boob physics, which is influenced by the virtual clothing you wrap around her.

And of course something for the gay men. Totally.

Hunting Season is done...

Why not? Women and homosexuals can be raving murderous lunatics just as easily as straight men.

the female will be fat and the gay ugly, and a Muslim bi-sexual travesty that is both fat and ugly for the expansion....

seriously, I think the world has had enough with homosexuals, pushing it any further will only have adverse effects

don't mind my username, that was more than 10 years ago, I'm a different person now, amazing how people change ^_^

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I think I've got a great idea:
Stick to a white man who loves women, but simply declare that he is a transgender!

Born a man, looking like an average white man - but at some point he mentions that he considers himself to be a black woman. So there'd be a "female" protagonist.
Since that "female" character loves women, the character would also be homosexual.

That way, we'd get female, homosexual, black and transgender characters for the price of only one.

HollyGamer said:
contestgamer said:

I hope they make the main protagonist a white male homophobe just to annoy the TC and SJW's.

And with gay and transgender character as villain 

I doubt any dev is brave enough to pull a move like that... the sh*t storm it would kick up...

Haveing the Main character be homophobic and the main Villain just wouldnt be possible, the negative backlash would be nuts.
I think it would be "fun" simply because its so not what you would expect in 2018/2019, that it would be the 1 game where its like that.

Do people wear this garbage as badges of honor? Either demanding more minority representation in films and games which frankly is being pushed by people looking to show the world how woke they are. To the we must add a asexual, transgender fluid, what have you as a main character because that's more interesting to any story or character development that would otherwise be created for said character.

Sweet Jesus. We get it. You're woke and you want the whole world to take notice because you're a 'good' person. Now please move on and I hope you eventually realize the vast majority of people don't actually give a $%^&,

No. No they shouldn't. And who is to say they haven't already?

I'd be completely fine with that if they decide to go that route, though I can definitely say I'm not expecting it.