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Forums - General Discussion - How do you feel about MGTOW

Proxy-Pie said:
Seems like the opposite extreme of feminism, except much less popular

As i see it they are the different side of the same coin, collectively blaming everyone for the "crime" of few.

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Ulternia said:
It’s the Oppression Olympics and it’s embarrassing. Am I supposed to feel sorry for this man because he couldn’t maintain a relationship? And the notion that we, as white men, are oppressed in any way is laughable at best.

It doesn't have to be "oppression" to recognize that there are some double standards when it comes to men in certain areas of Western society that should at least be listened to. And that isn't to say that women have their own set of BS to deal with, but that shouldn't totally rule out that men have their share in different ways as well.

And being a white dude doesn't automatically make life sunshine and rainbows.

Race has nothing to do with it.


"We hold these truths t-be self-ful evident. All men and women created by the.. Go-you know the.. you know the thing!" - Joe Biden

Ulternia said:
It’s the Oppression Olympics and it’s embarrassing. Am I supposed to feel sorry for this man because he couldn’t maintain a relationship? And the notion that we, as white men, are oppressed in any way is laughable at best.

Well feminists have made it illegal to discuss make issues specifically white male issues. And women always win custody battles and alimony even if they are the lying cheating scum. So a counter movement was inevitable to this kind of mistreatmeny. The very fact that you think white men having issues is laughable is what got us to mgtow in the first place. When you laugh off these issues(not in comedy but in seriousness) you are creating a disenfranchised populace. There would be no mgtow if modern feminists were reasonable

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

John2290 said:
I don't understand it, I'd be more support if you were allowed to get laid but it's like some group of eunuchs or social outcasts trying to make themselves feel as if they have a choice by taking away their own choice. Not getting into a relationship is one thing and getting married, fuck that I can't imagine putting the government in a relationship...infact I can, I see how it ends it tears all the time these days, I can support that whole heartedly and not having kids is another, something I don't want to do even if it would supposedly be a good thing all around, the picture of a happy family and being a Grandad on the rocking chair down nearing the end is one the trumps all else by far but two things that can be taken into account that you don't need this MIgtow nonsense.
1. Just stay strong and have the will not to get in a relationship with someone who intends on marraige, make it clear and known at the early stages and if that's a problem have the balls not to cave.
2. Get clipped, If you really don't want to have kids get clipped and fuck all you want without that hanging over your head. The procedure is largely reversible now so even if you are afraid of limiting choices, which as a migtow I doubt you would be you can sprout little ones if you somehow have a drastic change of heart.
I think the whole thing is filled with men who have little choice, or perceive themselves to have little choice and the only choice they have is to take away there choice.
Ridiculous all in all, until the day sex robots are indistinguishable from a real woman and are a consumer priced product then, ya, fuck that whole thing.

I think you are confusing incels with mgtow. In mgtow you can get laid but not be in a relationship especially marriage based on the notion that every girl will screw them over at some point

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

I was looking forward for a rick roll. Been a long time since the last time.

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They have a point in that men face horrible discrimination in the law courts and are screwed over in divorce, child custody so it is bonkers for any man to marry a woman which i agree with but some of it's followers are in the same boat as the feminazi's who want the complete extinction of the opposite sex.

I consider myself a second wave feminist (that's the 'more extreme', unsexy kind) and I'm actually kind of okay with MTGOW. I don't agree at all with their motivations or general attitudes about women (being one), but I do understand the emotional need to have separate spaces. Second wave (or, if you will, radical) feminism encompasses a lot of views that might be considered politically incorrect as well. Female separatism (the logical opposite of MTGOW), for example, is considered to be an idea that is within our range of acceptable debate. Indeed, some of our more noted thought leaders, like Sheila Jeffreys and Janice Raymond, are female separatists.

In a time where some MRAs (like these "incel" creeps) are apparently willing to kill us en masse for the right to rape on the theory that sex is a right owed to men by women (pro tip: I'm a lesbian and it's definitely not), hey MTGOWs seem a lot nicer and more reasonable. Except the ones who buy prostituted women. If you're going to "go your own way" then do so properly: don't buy sex slaves. Be politically gay or something. You see what I'm saying?

I just hope MTGOWs would be willing to respect female separation as well, not just private spaces for themselves.

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I don't feel like I need to feel anything about these people.

They're free to do what they do and feel what they feel.

If they develop some dogmatic views along the way, they're maybe just proving themselves to not be going entirely their own ways. But they don't seem to be hurting anybody.

o_O.Q said:
sounds like sexual frustration to me
i think if women found these guys more attractive then they wouldn't harbor such negativity towards them

Attractiveness has nothing to do with this. Most of the MGTOW are divorced. (Means they were attractive enough to get a wife.) They usually start to go their own way after bad experiences with women.

It's not surprising that some men have bad experiences with women -- just as some women have bad experiences with men. To generalize those experiences to the whole gender is a mistake, imo; a mistake made equally by MGTOW and many feminists.