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Yes 13 68.42%
No 6 31.58%
LipeJJ said:
Dr.Vita said:
Hopefully, that would be really awesome! But I think if this happens at all it will be a release for Playstation 5.

Exactly. It could work out well for PS5 like the Nathan Drake Collection worked for PS4 (an early game that brings fans to the new console as well as being a good introduction point for new players of the series).

Ps4 (BC on ps5)


Almost zero reason to be on ps5 only. But the game just needs simple ports imho


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I have played every single GOW game released and while i personally wouldn't buy it, i think its a great idea and should be done. I am sure there will be tons of people who want have played the original trilogy and will want to. I also think this should be extended to other games such as Resistance 1-3 or Ratchet (the ps3 games).

I wouldn't buy it, I've only ever played this recent one and that was because it's based on old norse religion, I've never played the others and have no interest. However they should release it as it would sell alot so would be good business by sony.

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I bought this collection on PS3. It even included versions of the PSP titles ported to the PS3 (with improved resolution & framerate).

i would get that. sucks I just cant get BC on the ps4 and it just be available right now.

i have the collection locked away by sony as it is digital. fuck digital and no BC, i have learned a lesson from Sony. physical only.


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I'd love to play ascencion again. That game was hated for no reason. It looked and was a joy to play.

Nem said:
I'd love to play ascencion again. That game was hated for no reason. It looked and was a joy to play.

I personally didn't hate it. I just felt that the third game finished the story eloquently and, based on what I'd seen, Ascension wasn't going to add to the story. Pretty much how I felt about Gears of War Judgement.

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I'd be down for triple dipping these games and re-platinuming them all.

They already released God Of War III for the PS4, but Episode 1 and 2 would be too much

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I'd be down for that